Age: Mid 20s
Height: 1,67 cm
Particularities: small tattoos

Mila’s Top 4 + Favorite Position:
French double-sided, lingerie, roll-up, Spanish-total + ride

A look into these beautiful, big eyes is enough to make you feel the “right” decision made.

But do not be fooled! The “smiling, sweet girl next door” likes to be wild and intense.

A beautiful body that she knows stylishly to present. Stylish & Elegant is the easiest way to describe their style. If, however, the door behind her fall into the lock, one describes her style as sinister sexy and extravagant.

Delicate skin, fantastic curves and a subtle-spirited character characterize this young beauty.

Mila is one of her greatest likes. Lean back and enjoy being pampered with all the rules of art . In return, she enjoys your revenge to the full.

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